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New Home , New Garden, New Mess!
July 25, 2016
Hello Gardening Friends!

Hello All Sorry for the inexcusable long delay in sending out another newsletter of Kiddiegarden. To be quite honest I have spend far little time working on Kindergarten in the last few years due to various different circumstances, least of all another serious operation timed perfectly with the very welcome addition of Grandchild N. 2 - la little boy called Lucas Isaac who seems perfectly well and has just his tows!

I the meantime we have left our almost finished and wonderfully organized garden with vegetable batch, greenhouse and play area for a decollete old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, which has no garden just a field) and so much do to both inside and out that the mind boggles! Quite apart from having to install central heating and reliable electricity ad a roof that does not leak and a granny flat for my 93 year old grandmother in the barn, we are only just beginning to make inroads into the garden (which thankfully is not view able from the kitchen widows! So the fist item of gardening tools have to been purchased: a hedge cutter (admittedly the hedge is about twice the size of my son even with the hedge cutter at full extension!) and a long extension lead so that my youngest does not have the excuse that he cannot reach the end of the garden with the strimmer! SEE the thought behind the madness!

All for now Lindsey

PS: The products purchased were the fooling for those that are intersticed:


IN US th closest I coud find as "

For the extension cables: and hedge trimmers we opted for after a much considerate (and the sight of just have high the hedges were!) guard we best considered the safest.

In UK !

In the UK: "

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