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New Home , New Garden, New Mess!
July 25, 2016
Hello Gardening Friends!

Dear All,

Well, we have a new house and with it a new garden. Actually garden is a bit of an overstatement, what we actually have is a large area of field, which could at some point become a garden in which children can play safely and in which we can grow or own local produce.

So how to start? So far this year, we have basically ignored it, as there have simply been too many tasks to do in the house first - such little things as converting the loft into a usable bedroom and installing central heating and a woodburnig stove for the winter months. We are still far from completing the work to be done on the house, but it really is time to do SOMETHING with the garden/field.

So, first stages of takling the field: We have purchased a fairly strong strimmer and and extention lead (water proof) and also a hedgetrimmer - believe me this is necessary! and between them, they are beginning to make an indentation in the field which is to become a garden!

For your information the products we have chosen after much consideration are the following:

In the UK:

And finally the electric cable suitable for the garden:

In the US:

So much for our recommendations for today - I can only stress than when turning a field into a garden, these are the tools we have first opted to clear a path through the field and start putting some order in it!Obviouslym the easier - and more constly - way fwoudl be to emply a local gardening company to do the work for you - this might be quite a good option if the task is really big, but will it give quite the satisifaction?

Keep a watching out for photos on our progession! And we would REALLY appreciate photos of your before and after plots and ideas of how you wish to format your 'field' into a multi-funtional, kiddie-friendly and productive garden for yourselves!

PLEASE do send us your photos and recommendations on how you have managed to convert jungle into garden! We look forward to every contribution!

All the best and have a lovely time in your garden - no matter what state it happens to be in at the moment!

All the best

Lindsey Mason

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