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Making Bamboo Wind Chimes with Kids

If, like us, you have a few bamboo canes left over from the tomatoes, you could make bamboo wind chimes with your kids and hang them up in the garden or on the patio.

Quick and simple to make, these chimes add character and their hollow, dolcid tones are a delight to hear in the background on a lazy sunny evening - especially for your neighbours!

Making Bamboo Wind Chimes

You will need: a length of bamboo cane or two, some string or yarn (not too thick and preferably synthetic as it will last longer), a saw, and a very small drill. A metal or wooden ring is also useful but optional.

Make your bamboo wind chimes colourful by painting the lengths different colours!

You will want one length of bamboo about 10 to 12 inches long for the top of the chime, and at least 6 further lengths to hang down. These can be of varying lengths to produce different tones, or all the same length, in which case they will produce much the same tone when they bang into each other.

We prefer cutting the bamboo various different lengths for our bamboo wind chime, simply because it looks and sound more interesting. One idea is to measure the first one 4 inches long, then each subsequent length 1 inch longer than the previous one. Saw them carefully - ADULTS ONLY.

While making the chime, try gently banging the lengths together to explore the different tones they make ... several of ours have been turned into drum sticks instead!

With the saw (or a sharp serrated knife) cut fine grooves in the top length of bamboo, spaced evenly, equivalent to the number of lengths you will have dangling from it - ADULTS ONLY.

Use a needle and thread to pull the string through the holes ... tie the string to the end of the thread.

Very carefully drill a hole through the top of each length of bamboo, with the exception of the top piece. Insert the string through the holes, and loop it around the top piece, ensuring it falls neatly into one of the grooves. Allow a couple of inches between the top of each piece of bamboo and the horizontal length (so they can dangle freely but not get completely knotted up!).

Finally pull a length of twine or string through the length of the top piece, tieing them together about 6 inches above the center of the horizontal. You can either tie them simply using a knot, or through a ring, or better even, through a large button - this ensures your bamboo wind chime is nicely balanced.

Finally, hang your work of art up somewhere where you will be able to hear and admire it for years to come, but where you won't keep banging your head on it! You can either hang the chime from a hook, or tie more string to it and dangle it from a branch or similar outside ... though the birds would appreciate it if you could place it a little way from their feeder!

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It would of course be much easier just to buy one ready made from Gardens and Homes Direct!

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