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Garden Craft Projects for Young and Old!

There are a whole host of garden craft projects which we can have a go at nearly all year round. And while there are loads of craft projects on the interent generally and also on this site - see Kids Garden Crafts for some ideas - we would be absolutely delighted to give you the opportunity of sharing some of your wonderful creations and ideas with us!



Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons! - Discover Quick And Easy Crafts Guaranteed To Spark Your Child's Imagination And Thirst For Learning And Create Lots Of Family Fun!




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Q. Where can I find craft material?

A. If you look around your house and garden, you will find that you already have loads of odd bits and pieces which can be used for making garden crafts. Examples would be old buttons and knick-knacks, string and wood, which you could turn into a garden wind chime. Or use some of the bamboo canes after the tomatoes have finished to make a chime out of bamboo.

A lot of items we usually throw away can be recycled in the garden, for instance, we can make a tin can garden with old tin cans, use old t-shirts to make scarecrows and empty plastic bottles for impromptu cloches! If you can't find anything obvious, just ask the kids!

For things like paints, glue, varnish, and other arty-crafty stuff, try your local arts and craft store, market, or order them from online retailers such as Viking Direct in the UK or Dick Blick Art Materials in the US and Canada.

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