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Garden Plant Markers

The point of garden plant markers is to remind you which seeds you have planted where. This is such a good idea, that many seed producers include them free with their packets of seeds, and you can buy plastic commercial plant markers at very reasonable prices.

Or you can simply make them yourself and enjoy completely individual markers in your garden!

And they are simple to make, and fun for kids to paint and decorate, but making plant markers does require some work from you before the kids get their hands on them.

How to make your own garden plant marker

You will need: some wood (preferably some form of reconstituted wood, eg MDF, as there is less chance of splinters), a pencil and ruler, a saw - preferably a jigsaw. If using rough wood, a fine wood file is also needed.

garden plant marker design

Chose or cut a length of wood to a width of about 4 inches and a length of 8 inches or more.

Draw a straight line across the width of the wood 2 inches from the top.

One inch into each line, make a mark, then with the ruler draw a couple of lines toward the bottom of the wood , leaving a gap of no more than 1/2 inch between the end points.

Cutting out plant marker


Using a jigsaw, carefully cut along the lines drawn on the board.

Keep the off cuts, as these can be used as row markers later on!

Remember to use safety goggles, keep your hands well away from the blade and unplug the jigsaw after use and store out of the reach of children.

Basic DIY plant marker

If necessary, use a fine wood file to file any sharp edges which could cause splinters.

You now have the basic garden plant marker - long enough to stick in the ground easily, and with a label area large enough include as much information you want or artistic talent your children have!

Using plant marker as template To make more than one plant marker, use the initial one as a template on another piece of wood, then even up the lines with the ruler before cutting the shape out.

Painting an decorating your garden plant marker

You will need: suitable paints in various colours (we usually use poster paints), a small paintbrush, a container with clean water, lots of newspaper and clear varnish.

  1. Cover the table or painting area with newspaper, find paints, paint brushes and a mug of clean water (to clean the paint brushes when swapping colours).Plant Marker for chard
  2. Paint and decorate your plant marker! If the markers are intended for rows or beds of vegetables, ensure it is quite clear from the design which vegetable is represented ... I usually write the name of the vegetable or plant on the markers with a permanent marker before the children start painting them.
  3. Finally, when the paint has dried thoroughly, either spray with or cover the marker with clear varnish - we use a polyurethane varnish. Ensure the WHOLE of the plant marker receives at least two coats of varnish, to ensure it can withstand the damp conditions under which it will hopefully be living.

Below are some examples of the finished garden plant markers:

Painted palnt marker for carrots Painted plant marker for onions Decorated plant marker for chard Painted flower marker

The really wonderful thing about making your own garden plant markers is that kids cannot wait to get on with sowing the rows of seeds they have created the markers for!

We would love to see photos of your works of art and welcome any further suggestions and ideas for making and decorating markers (or any other garden craft project!). Please do contact us!

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