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Make a Garden Stool out of Grass!

Making a garden stool out of grass is a fun and easy garden project. All you need to begin with is an old bucket, some heavy stones, some earth or potting compost and sand, and a handful of grass seeds.

To make your garden stool, start by finding a suitably sized bucket or similar container (you will want a container which is NOT likely to become top heavy but which at the same time will be large enough so that when filled, it does not topple over). The older the bucket is and the more holes it has, the better, as you can then plant rockery or trailing plants in the sides and it adds to the rustic effect.

Beware! The grass stool is likely to be very heavy once filled. Put it in its final position before filling it and watering it.

Place some heavy objects or stones at the base of the bucket. Then pour in some sand. For the top layer, about 4 - 5 inches from the top you will want to mix the earth and stand together. Make sure the bucket is filled nearly to the top with the earth and sand mix. The top inch of the bucket should contain only earth or potting compost. Now press the potting compost or earth down, to ensure that all the gaps have been filled. If need be, add a little more earth to the top of the bucket. Dampen the top with a little water from the watering can. Now you are ready to plant the grass seeds. Sprinkle the seeds evenly over the top of the bucket. Tap them down. Water lightly.

Now all you need to do is wait for the garden stool to start sprouting! Every day, sprinkle with a little water to avoid the seeds from drying out. After a couple of weeks, the seeds should start sprouting.

Caring for the grass garden stool

The grass garden stool does not need much care. When the grass gets longer, simply cut it with some shears or scissors.

Hint: Check that it has not rained and that the grass stool is dry before sitting on it! Unless, of course, you are wearing swim wear ...
If it does not rain for a long time, your grass stool might appreciate being watered. As an alternative to grass, you could also use moss – you will find this in woodland areas under trees or on north-facing walls.

We hope you enjoy this little garden project and will be delighted if you send us some photos of your finished grass stool!

Tip: Keeping the grass cut short on the seat will strengthen the grass and make for a better covering.

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