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Creating fun gardens for children means involving the kids in the design and evolution of the garden, working together to produce something unique.

Once you have introduced your child to the basics of creating gardens and gardening, you will be amazed at how many and varied ideas they come up with themselves, let alone their enthusiasm!

Kiddie Gardens is designed to share some of the delights of gardens and gardening with you, from planting the first seed, creating a safe play or relaxation area for children from toddlers to teens, container gardens to simple ideas for garden art projects.

Gardening with kids is fun!


The Garden as a Learning Environment

My son's first words this morning were: 'Can we do some gardening today?'. The sun was shining, the first whiffs of spring in the air. The bulbs planted a few months ago beginning to pop their heads through the grass and the seedlings waiting to be planted. And best of all, the TV was off!

Gardening with kids of any age encourages their interest in nature and enthusiasm early on in life, and will give them invaluable basic skills and an understanding of how the whole of the eco-system works.

Children have a innate interest in all things natural. They love playing with mud, planting seeds and watching them grow ... watching caterpillars and butterflys at close quarters on the window sill or in a wildlife garden ... digging up buried treasure in the form of carrots, parsnips or potatoes ... working out a clever defences against slugs and snails ... the joys and adventures involved in gardening just carry on and on!

And with the enthusiasm, come questions. What better way to learn?

  • Did you know there are flowers you can eat?
  • Sunflowers that can grow so big you need a stepladder to reach the top?
  • Monster plants that eat bugs?

Education is so much more than sitting in a class room and studying text books. Including educational snippets while gardening or just sitting outside and enjoying watching the birds and the butterflies, can teach children not only the theory, but more importantly, how they fit into the natural world, the importance of looking after our environment and recycling.

Growing Vegetables with Kids

mixed vegetables

Some of the very easiest plants to grow are in fact vegetables. And as a parent, what better way to introduce my children to the idea of healthy eating than growing their own?

And there are just so many different varieties of vegetable to choose from. How about going for something a little different? Red carrots instead of the usual orange ones, purple-sprouting broccoli, or maybe black tomatoes? There are even miniature vegetables for miniature people!

Do you live in a flat or not even have a garden? The good news is that you don't need a massive vegetable plot or an allotment - there are many vegetables which can be grown in containers, either inside or out. So living in an appartment block is no block to growing your own vegetables! Just for starters, how about growing strawberries in window boxes? Or growing potatoes in tires or other planters?

"As my son (4) is going through the 'all green food is evil' phase, we thought it would be good for him to get involved in growing some veggies - and that he might want to eat them afterwards.

My husband has had hours of real quality father/son time - first in the garden centre choosing seeds together, then in the greenhouse and over the last week they've been busy in the garden planting out seedlings.

Result so far is one very happy, muddy little boy and fresh veggies growing for the table - we're just crossing our fingers that he will be tempted to eat them after all of his patient nurturing!"

Is this is your first exploration into growing your own veggies? Then start off with some of the easy vegetables to grow, from lettuce and chard, to courgettes and potatoes, before moving on to some of the fussier ones!

Really not too sure about exactly how to grow particular vegetables? When to plant them, what sort of soil they like, when to harvest them? Don't worry - our step-by-step growing guides will tell you everything you need to know, from different varieties, likes and dislikes, and companion planting, to just how to plant and tend the veggies until they are ready to harvest - all in easy to understand English!

Kids Garden Craft Projects

painted flower pot

Fancy adding that personal touch to your garden? Making garden crafts encourage children to use their imagination and feel included in garden projects, but also to notice and develop a closer afinity to nature itself.

On a rainy afternoon, you could spend your time painting flower pots, in the winter you could prepare the garden plant markers for your vegetable rows - our clear craft projects show you just how and give you some ideas to start off with, but let your own creativity loose and design your own work of art!

bean teepee

Combine fun and practicality - Grow a Bean Teepee!

The perfect living and shaded hidey hole for children (and cats!) during the summer months which also provides fresh green beans for dinner ... what more could you ask for?

Find out how to grow your own bean teepee

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What's NEW?

From Veggie Patch to Plate ... What tips and suggestions do you have for Healthy Eating for Children? Give us your experiences and recepies!

Organic this, organic that, but what does it all mean? And how can we Grow Organic Vegetables???

Does your lawn look like it needs a bit of TLC now that Spring is finally here? Never fear, after a little Spring Lawn Care, your garden will be looking very inviting for that first game of football!

Now here is a really neat idea! The Secret Seed Society has developed a range of Childrens Books with Seeds for Kids, which encourage them to explore the world of vegetables and grow their own food in a fun and entertaining fashion!

The seeds are sown, the young vegetables are growing, then all of a sudden, there is nothing there bar stumps and slime trails ... SLUGS ARE ON THE ATTACK! But never fear, check out our tried and tested Slug Control ideas, and if those fail, there are yet more Organic Slug Control methods waiting to be used to win the war against these thieves!

If your garden is not suitable for a veggie patch or you live in a flat, you can still try growing vegetables in containers - here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Instead of the Credit Crunch, try the Carrot Crunch! Get fresh air, excercise, organic produce, teach your kids life skills and at the same time, save those pennies - all that and more simply by growing your own veg!

Do you remember watching a beetle or ladybird climbing over your hand? Recognise all the native birds which live in your area? Or been spellbound watching a butterfly? Creating a wildlife garden is giving our children the privilege of experiencing just that.

These wild bird seed cookie treats are easy and quick to make in a couple of hours and will provide your garden birds with a tasty and nutritious snack to keep up their strength during the cold and lean winter months.

The World in a Grain of Sand ...

... or a landscape in a miniature garden! Create anything from a colourful fairy hideaway to a ghostly cemetery. Here a few ideas to get you started!

miniature garden clipart

Starting small ...

I'm often asked which house plants are suitable for young kids, so here is my response!

indoor house plant clipart



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Or had some funny experiences gardening with kids? Maybe you have had some wonderful successes growing your own vegetables, or complete disasters trying some nature project?

Whichever it is, we would love to hear all about it!

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