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Indoor House Plants - Where to Start

One of the questions I am asked frequently is which indoor house plants are suitable as first house plants for kids?

The basic answer to that question is: plants that can take a lot of neglect!

You want to choose plants which are easy to grow, look interesting, don’t immediately die if the room is too hot or too cold, they are over-watered or underfed. Favourites are succulents, such as cacti or aloe vera plants. Another good indoor plant for kids is the spider plant – this was our first plant and we still have loads of them trailing around the house.

Growing indoor house plants is often used as a good place to start children off on learning about different plants, types of plant propagation and the basics of caring for house plants. Unlike many other plants, such as pot flowers or vegetables, house plants can be kept for many years and provide interest all year round.

Young children are very tactile, so will enjoy growing plants which can be touched and felt and have interesting consistencies. The Aloe Vera plant is a perfect choice for them, as are some of the plants with either waxy leaves or very soft leaves (the African Violet is not one of the easiest plants to grow, but young kids love feeling the soft fluffy foliage).

Once children have mastered the art of caring for easy to grow plants, more interesting plants can be added to the window sill. There are a whole host of plants to experiment with! Favourites with children included the carnaverous plants (eg Venus Flytrap), unusual plants (eg the Sensitive Plant) and tropical plants (eg Banana plants).

It is a good idea to slowly extend the range of plants to include plants of different types and different ways of propagating. This will help the children learn that it is not ‘one size fits all’ but that in the same way as people and animals, plants also have likes and dislikes and need to be cared for accordingly.

Some of the big benefits of growing house plants are that you don’t need loads of space or gardening tools. Some good quality compost (there is compost specifically designed for house plants), a couple of pots, plants seeds and half an hour will turn a toddler into a gardener! There are several kits available for young gardeners starting off on their first planting and growing experience, including the Fun To Grow range from Suttons, which we can only recommend (they make perfect gifts too).

Types of Indoor House Plants

Easy indoor plants:
Aloe Vera
Spider Plants
Wandering Jew

Different types of indoor plants include succulents, plants grown for their foliage, flowering house plants, carnivorous plants and miniature trees (bonsai).

As an alternative to growing the common plants, you can experiment with growing your own plants from seeds, such as oranges, peaches or apple seeds. It is possible to grow a pineapple tree from the top of a pineapple – a favourite with kids! – and you can try creating your own miniature bonsai tree from pips and stones saved from fruit.

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Some indoor house plants are poisonous, so avoid having these in the house with young children and toddlers.

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