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Kids garden crafts are both enjoyable to make and can be useful, or the perfect gift for grandparents! Children love making things themselves, especially when these items are not just put in a drawer and forgotten but used everyday!Painted Clay Plant Pot

Making crafts encourage children to use their imagination and feel included in garden projects, but also to notice and develop a closer affinity to nature itself. Garden crafts are obviously not just outdoor activities, but several craft projects can equally be used inside.

Next time your child is bored and heading towards the TV on a rainy afternoon, suggest they try painting a plant pot instead, or making a plant marker so that when the sun comes out and they plant their first row of carrots, they can pop it in the ground and know exactly what they have planted where.

All seasons of the year and occasions inspire different craft ideas and activities. This website has some fun summer craft projects for your children, with wonderfully clear photo instructions on how to complete them together with your kids.

But kids garden crafts can be used in a wider context too. How about including some of the craft projects during the next birthday party? Or making a pile of pressed flower cards and pictures and then selling them for charity? Did you know you can use leaves from your vegetable garden to make dye for Easter eggs? Check out Savor the Rhubarb to find out how!

The best guide to garden craft ideas are - of course - the children themselves. I remember introducing my daughter to making stencils out of potatoes, only to find later on that she had made the most beautiful picture using autumn leaves as stencils instead!

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Some of our Favourite Garden Craft Projects

Painting Flower Pots
Painting clay pots is the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon, suitable for any age group and skill level, from toddler to OAP, allowing creativity and imagination to run wild.

Garden Plant Markers
The point of garden plant markers is to remind you which seeds you have planted where. Though you could buy them, they are simple to make, and fun for kids to paint.

Grow Cress Eggmen
One of the beauties of this project is that it is very fast to grow cress, so progress will be apparent within a matter of days, and your cress eggman will have a healthy bunch of hair which you can then eat in egg sandwiches!

Making a bean teepee or wigwam
A bean teepee creates a wonderful hiding hole for young kids during the summer months at the same time as providing a perfect support for runner or pole beans!

Potato Painting
Creating a potato painting by making stencils is a fun and easy kids craft project for a rainy afternoon.

Garden Wind Chimes
Kids will love making these simple garden wind chimes, hanging them up where they catch the passing breeze and listening to them chiming away.

Bamboo Wind Chimes
If you happen to have a spare bamboo cane hanging around the garden, this is an ingenious way of hanging it around the garden in a completely different capacity!

Coming Soon:

Making a Scarecrow
Creating a leaf collage
Pressed flower cards and pictures
Tin can garden planters
Outdoor Art
Easy Bottle Cloches

boy with kite clipart

Other Resources and Kids Craft Ideas:

Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons! - Discover Quick And Easy Crafts Guaranteed To Spark Your Child's Imagination And Thirst For Learning And Create Lots Of Family Fun!

If you have any suggestions for more kids garden crafts or photos which you would like to share with us, please send them to us!



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Q. Where can I find craft material?

A. If you look around your house and garden, you will find that you already have loads of odd bits and pieces which can be used for making garden crafts. Examples would be old buttons and knick-knacks, string and wood, which you could turn into a garden wind chime. Or use some of the bamboo canes after the tomatoes have finished to make a chime out of bamboo.

A lot of items we usually throw away can be recycled in the garden, for instance, we can make a tin can garden with old tin cans, use old t-shirts to make scarecrows and empty plastic bottles for impromptu cloches! If you can't find anything obvious, just ask the kids!

For things like paints, glue, varnish, and other arty-crafty stuff, try your local arts and craft store, market, or order them from online retailers such as Viking Direct in the UK or Dick Blick Art Materials in the US and Canada.

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