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There are any number of kids outdoor games which will help our children to develop physically and mentally, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, and fire their imagination.

It is fairly easy to think up games or just buy a football and kick it around the garden on a sunny afternoon, but the aim is to ensure an inviting and encouraging space for outdoor play all year round. One of the problems we as parents often face is that our children get bored of playing the same game over and over again, so varying the games is a good idea.

There are a lot of inexpensive or completely free outdoor games for kids which need little preparation and use only items which we tend to have lieing around the house and garden anyway, examples of which are fun outdoor games and - for those wonderfully hot summer days - outdoor water games. Though simple, they encourage creative thinking, imagination and lateral thinking and will provide hours of wholesome entertainment.

Nearly every child will benefit from some play equipment in the garden, from complete activity centers to a simple swing or sandpit, and there are loads of different models and sizes available to fit just about any budget and garden space. Young children especially will appreciate having a sandpit provided, while a larger garden allows for bigger activity games, from outdoor chess and other giant garden games, to activity play equipment incorporating swings, monkey ropes, ladders, towers and loads of variations on a theme.

One of our favourite kids outdoor games is a trampoline, which all the kids (and adults!) enjoy bouncing around in and we have concucted several enjoyable trampoline games to play while getting some exercise.. The boys also spend hours refining their football skills using the goals placed at either end of the garden, while the girls can chatter away the evening side-by-side on the swing.

My youngest is a chess enthusiast - so an giant chess set was a priority for him when designing the garden play area. But there are loads of other giant board games designed for outside use, from draughts to snakes and ladders.

On a calm evening, we often dig out the badminton kit, and the 'football side' of the garden is quickly transformed into a badminton court. On windy days, a swingball provides a good excuse to let off some steam - and can also be easily taken off on holiday!

Each child is different and will benefit from an assortment of outdoor activities. Check out some of our ideas and favourites below, and let us know your favourite kids outdoor games, any ideas and experiences you have had and would like to share!

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