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Here's an idea your child will love! Make your own book about his or her gardening activities!

I know when my daughter was about 4 years old, we had a book which was called something along the lines of "All About Me" - and she loved it! Every night we HAD to read it. Inside there were pages about how she looked, what she liked, who her friends were, what her brothers and sisters were called, what her school was like (you get the idea) which we had filled in ourselves. All those personal details made it special - I think it must have been one of the first (almost) personalised books for children.

Seeing as she liked that one so much, I started writing little stories about the children's everyday life for them, with very simple English so that they could read the stories themselves, printed them out, and stapled them together. They loved those too!

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That was a few years ago, specifically, before digital cameras were around. Now it is so much easier to create a book with proper photos of your children, and colour printers make printing them easier too. You can make your own book just right for the age of your child, simple for the younger ones to listen to, or more advance for the older ones. All you need is a digital camera, a word processor and a colour printer. You can make your own cover out of thicker coloured paper.

If you want to make your own book available in proper book format to give away as gifts, try www.lulu.com.

This is a useful learning tool too. For toddlers, you can use it as a word book (eg vegetables you have grown or a few different flowers). For young children they can be instruction books (eg how to pot a plant or grow sunflowers). Older children can even learn make books themselves using different computer software ... which also means they are writing and spelling and developing ICT skills!

Here are some ideas for making your own book:

Molly's Flower Garden – you could include photos of Molly planting sunflower seeds, looking at roses, picking daisies, holding a pot with spring bulbs.

David's Vegetable Patch – you could include photos of David planting carrot seeds, picking beans, watering the radishes or digging up potatoes.

Emily and Friends in the Garden – you could include photos of Emily and her friends playing in the garden, on the swings, in the sandpit, picking flowers, having a picnic on the lawn.

Joshua's Garden Tools – you could include photos of Joshua pushing a wheel barrow, using a spade to dig a hole, using a rake for leaves, a brush to clean the terrace, a watering can to water the plants.

The possibilities are almost endless. You could make your own book of your child's garden birthday party, chart the progress of a runner bean competition, make your own book of wildlife in the garden, or things found in the garden.

Your personalised book would also make a great present for doting grandparents!

Finally, we would love to see the books you have made for and with your kids, so please do share them with us!

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