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Markers for Vegetable Rows

When sowing a row of seeds, markers for vegetable rows help provide some form of guide line along which you sow and water the plants before the seedlings appear. Row markers are quick and easy to make and provide the perfect solution for holding the twine along the row.

Below you will find basic instructions on how to make row markers to hold the twine. If you are looking for instructions on how to make garden plant markers (also known as plant identification markers) please click here!

How to make markers for vegetable rows

You will need: either the off cuts from the home-made plant marker, or V-shaped pieces of wood at least 6 inches long, a saw (preferably a jigsaw), and about 5 minutes of spare time!

Plant marker design

When cutting out the design for each plant marker, you are left with two off cuts, each about 6 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide at the widest end.

These serve as the starting point for making the markers for vegetable rows.

Alternatively, and piece of wood of similar dimensions can be equally suitable for making row markers.

row markers

Using the jigsaw (because it is quicker!), or even a normal saw, cut two small indentations about 1/2 inch from the top of the widest part of the wedge-shaped wood.

Always remember to use safety googles, keep your hands away from the blade and store saws out of the reach of children.

markers for vegetable rows in situ


You can now hammer the row marker in to the ground at either end of your proposed row of vegetables, tie the twine around them tightly and you have the perfect guide line for sowing and watering your seeds until the seedlings appear.

The benefit of these row markers is that they are sturdy, the twine doesn't slip out of place, due to their wedge-shape they are easy to push into the ground, and they can easily be re-used year after year.

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