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Seeds for Kids with the Secret Seed Society Childrens Books!

Now here is a really neat idea! The Secret Seed Society has developed a range of childrens books with seeds for kids, which encourage them to explore the world of vegetables and grow their own food in a fun and entertaining fashion!

I particularly like these activity books for children because they combine fun, education and are wonderfully environmentally friendly. Reading through the stories, we follow the lives of 'seedizens' (the citizens of Seed City) in their daily lives, solving problems they face and interacting with each other. Although some of the characters are drawn as cartoons (eg Mingo Mung in 'The Mighty Messenger'), others have heads based on photos of the actual vegetable (our favourite has to be Tommy P. Tato!), and links are made between the characters and the vegetable itself, eg Tommy talks of mashed potatoes and spuds, while Mingo Mung is described as a speedy seed.

We felt that these childrens books are very well adapted to the age range they were written for, as they can be enjoyed as a bedtime story for 3-4 year olds, while the language is perfectly suited for 6-7 year olds to try reading themselves - there was something faintly reminiscent of Letterland in the writing style and the sentences flow nicely. Just right!

Furthermore, apart from providing the seeds for kids and the stories, each reader can become a Secret Seed Agent by logging in to the Secret Seed Society website at www.secretseedsociety.com and immediately have access to more ideas, stories, recipies, competitions and swap seed growing experiences.

However the main aim is not only to teach children about vegetables and seeds, but to be interactive, encouraging the children to grow their own seeds. These packs are not just books with seeds for kids, but complete vegetable growing kits. Okay, potting compost and pots are not provided (that might get a little messy in the post!), but what is provided are the seeds needed, and a 'kit' for growing them, together with the instructions.

And the interaction and activities don't stop with just growing the seeds and becoming a Secret Seed Agent, but each vegetable growing kit also contains a recipe using the vegetable or salad grown. Ever considered making muffins with tomatoes and herbs, with a covering of cress? Nor had I, until I found the recipe for 'Marvellously Mad Muffins' at the back of 'No Hens in the Pen' with Chrissie Cress!

And finally, these great products which combine seeds for kids, with veggie stories, becoming a secret agent, growing your own food and recipes are also wonderfully environmentally friendly. The packs and books are printed on environmentally friendly papaer and card, printed with vegetable inks, the seeds are organic and even the Secret Agent card is an ecocard made from vegetables, not oil!

All in all, we give the Secret Seed Society a thumbs up for initiative, environmental consciousness and value for money!



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