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Strawberry Planters

StrawberriesThere are so many different styles of strawberry planters available now, that it is almost more difficult deciding which strawberry pots to use than what delicious dish to make with the strawberries once ripe!

Strawberry planters, like potato planters, offer the opportunity of growing a large number of plants within a small amount of space, are available in different sizes, and prevent the plants from taking over your vegetable garden! Growing strawberries in containers also avoids the problem of the fruit going rotten due to laying on the ground, generally allow for good drainage and they really cut down on the labour involved in growing strawberries - no weeding! Check out our pages on growing strawberries for detailed guides on how to grow strawberries in an assortment of different containers.

Different types of Strawberry Planters:

  1. Plastic Strawberry Planters
  2. Clay or Terracotta Strawberry Pots
  3. Wooden Strawberry Barrel
  4. Pop-up Strawberry Planters
  5. DIY Planters

Plastic Strawberry Planters

Patio Strawberry PlanterAvailable in an assortment of different sizes, these planters are generally sturdy, fairly ornamental and yet not too heavy. This is a good thing, as it means they can be easily turned around to catch the sun, and moved to a different part of the garden once the main strawberry season has ended.

They tend to have have a lot of space for growing strawberries and can also include added benefits, such as fittings for netting to protect the fruit while maturing.

Clay or Terracotta Strawberry Pots

Probably the eldest of the family and therefore the most traditional, terracotta strawberry pots are long-lasting, ornamental, available in different sizes and rather heavy - especially when fully filled!

Terracotta Strawberry PotsAll clay containers are good at retaining heat, and the clay strawberry pots are no exception. This means that the strawberries, which are very fond of heat, gain the maximum benefit from the sun during the day.

The clay pots age beautifully, and though made of clay, are surprisingly difficult to break. When buying one, check whether it is frost resistant: you may have to consider over wintering it inside or picking up the broken chards in the spring.

They are suspiciously similar to herb pots ... and in a number of both offline and online garden suppliers you may well find them listed under herb pots rather than strawberry pots.

Wooden Strawberry Barrel

As the name indicates, strawberry barrels are rather like wooden beer barrels, and the first ones were probably made from old ale casks which had started to leak. Wood, like clay, is good at retaining heat, which is a bonus.

However, wooden strawberry barrels do need regular maintenance to ensure they don't start rotting. Also, while they are generally difficult to find, they tend to be larger rather than smaller. This is not so good, as it means you need a lot more compost to fill them and they are very heavy to move. Generally my suggestion would be that if you happen to have a barrel, use it for more permanent floral displays, smaller shrubs and to add a design feature to your garden rather than for growing strawberries!

Or even better, give it to your children to use in their play area - cut a doorway and window in the side and pop some wood on top to act as a play house, or lay it on its side, embedded in the lawn, as a tunnel from one magic world to another or a vital escape hatch from an imaginary foe!

Pop-up Strawberry Planters

Strawberry Patio Planter Pack of 2 pop-up strawberry planterThese recently-arrived-on-the-market strawberry planters are a great idea when first starting out, and are definitely good value for money. They have the benefit of being collapsible, hence easily stored when not in use and should last a few seasons at least.

However, they are not as sturdy and don't have the longevity of either plastic or terracotta planters, and don't have the same heat-retaining properties, but are a clever design and well worth considering. The example on the right is the Strawberry Patio Planterstrawberry patio planter.

DIY Strawberry Planters

Strawberry Tree Assuming you have the necessary skill and time (or know someone who has!), it is also possible to make your own strawberry planter out of wood. The neatest design is the strawberry tree, also known as a strawberry pyramid, which allows for plenty of growing space for a large number of plants. For instructions on how to construct one, please click on the photo on the right or click here.

Since our strawberries are making a bid to take over quite a sizeable portion of our vegetable patch, we were thinking of constructing a simple rectangular box or raised bed for them - long enough to fit at least 20 plants easily, and narrow enough for the fruit to hang over the edges but still be well above ground level. If you try this idea or have any other brilliant brainwaves, do please send us your comments and photos!

Obviously strawberries can be grown in other containers, from the humble plant pot, to hanging baskets and window boxes, and even grow bags.


Strawberries can produce an allergic reaction in some people. Keep an eye on your child in case it develops a skin rash or shows some other common allergic reaction.

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