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We have a lovely large trampoline in the garden and have developed some great trampoline games to share with you. Some of the children's friends who come over can perform really complicated and impressive moves – somersaults and back flips and similar, which we clap and are astounded at and sometimes try to copy (unsuccessfully, needless to say!). But most of the fun we have had on the trampoline is playing simple, uncomplicated games.

Here are some of our favourite trampoline games for you to try!

Simple Simon Says

This is a particularly good trampoline game if you (like me) would prefer that only the children exhaust themselves on the trampoline while you sit on the garden bench with a cup of tea!

outdoor trampolineOne person on the outside shouts out various instructions to the trampoliners and they perform the actions on the trampoline, e.g. Simon Says jump on one leg, Simon Says jump to the right, Simon says land on your bottom, Simon Says jump up and clap your hands.

This can equally well be played from within the trampoline: one person performs an action and the others have to copy them, e.g. jumping up and landing on their knees, back up and then turning around. There is no winner or loser, just a case of who can think of the funniest moves to perform or laughing when someone ends up in a tangled mess!

Trampoline Football

This trampoline games is one of my sons favourites. You need a large trampoline with security netting around it and preferably about 3 footballs. The aim is to jump around the trampoline with the footballs and one person is allowed to kick them, the aim being to hit the other person with the ball (below the belt!). The aim of the second or subsequent players is to avoid being hit, either specifically from the person kicking the ball or accidentally by the balls just generally bouncing around.

Trampoline Dodge ball

Dodge ball as a trampoline game is a little different from the usual game, as nobody is allowed to pick up and through a ball. Again, a large trampoline with netting is needed and preferable more than 3 – 4 balls. Everyone on the trampoline starts jumping around which brings the balls flying through the air and bouncing around the area. The aim is to avoid being hit by any balls, anywhere on the body, which is actually quite difficult. We usually have count up to 10 touches and then the player is out. The winner is whoever manages to avoid being hit by the balls the longest.

Our final Trampoline game for you is Attack the Castle.

Depending on how many children you have, divide them between the inside of the trampoline and the outside, with as many balls as you can find on the outside. When play commences, the outside players through the balls into the trampoline (castle) as fast as they can, while the king (player in the trampoline) tries to through them back out as fast as they come in. The castle is defeated when all the balls are within the trampoline, the king has won when all the balls have been successfully thrown out.

It is a good idea to have a referee for this game as it can be quite difficult keeping track of all the balls!

If you have any other trampoline games which you would like to add, please do let us know by including them in our Hints and Tips form and we will add them to this page! Thanks and happy trampolining!


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