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Trampolines for Kids

outdoor trampolineOver the last few years, the benefits of providing trampolines for kids have been emphasised time and again and more and more people are finding out for themselves that trampolining really is a wonderfully fun way of getting exercise for kids of any age - from toddler to OAP!

Trampolines come in a variety of different sizes from mini trampolines suitable for toddlers and small or indoor spaces, to enormous outdoor trampolines fitted at ground level for larger gardens or playgrounds.

We bought the biggest trampoline we could sensibly fit in our garden, together with a safety net, and it has been a real hit with all the kids - including a lot of kids from the neighbourhood who have knocked on the door asking to play in it! We have also developed loads of different trampoline games to play on the trampline - a good way of having fun and gaining exercise!

Considerations before buying

Indoor or outdoor? Are you looking for a trampoline which can remain oudoors all year, or one which you can move inside during the winter? If you want to be able to move it inside during the winter, you will need to go for a smaller model - and preferably have high ceilings!

How large can you go? Our experience is that the larger the trampoline, the more fun it provides, as multiple kids can play on it at the same time and the number of games increases. When considering what size to get, bare in mind that you need to allow a couple of feet either side of the trampline for safety. Models are available in different shapes too, the usual being round or rectangular, but they are also available in ovals.

What is your budget? Our recommendation is that you go for the biggest trampoline you can afford, but when working out your budget, consider the cost of a safety net together with the trampoline. Effectively you are better off going for a smaller model WITH a safety net, than a larger one without.

New or second hand? It is always possible to get hold of a trampoline second hand, which might open up the possibility of buying a larger model than you could afford new. If going for that option, consider that there might be parts missing, eg springs, which will need replacing, and that depending on how it was treated by the previous owner it may already have suffered a fair amount of wear and tear. Buying a new model will guarantee that it comes with instructions on assembling it (very useful!) and it should also come with a guarantee.

Alternative trampolines for kids inlclude inflatable ones - a bit like inflatable castles - which are excellent for taking on holiday, birthday parties or situations where you don't want a permanent structure in the garden and don't have the storage space indoors to store it during the winter months. However, like any inflatable, they will not withstand as much wear and tear as the more robust versions.

Suppliers of Outdoor Trampolines for Kids

The MadFun Homepage offer a VAST selection of really sturdy, quality trampolines with safety nets and enclosures, covers, ladders, spares and just about anything else you could possibly think of, so they are well worth seriously considering.

Another company which sells trampolines, bouncers and other play equipment for children is Greenfingers - a solid reliable company ... and so popular, that in our experience, their stocks sometimes run out!

Alternatively, Amazonempty tag is a good source for the most popular (and therefore most likely to be suitable!) trampolines and assessories, and can often undercut other suppliers for the same product.

We have popped our favourites into the Kiddie Gardens Store for you, so feel free to browse through that too!


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