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Growing Radish in Containers

growing radish While it is most common to grow radishes in odd corners of the vegetable patch, growing radish in containers is a good option if growing space is limited or you want to grow radishes indoors.

For young children especially, it can be a good idea to start off growing vegetables in containers, rather than digging over half the garden to turn it into a vegetable plot only to find the upkeep is a complete turn-off for both yourself and your children!

Radishes are arguably one of the easiest vegetables to grow, the quick varieties maturing in as little as 3 weeks during the summer. Radish seeds cost almost nothing and planting up a suitable pot takes only a few minutes, so why not give growing radish in containers a try and see how you get on?

Growing Radishes in Containers

First of all, you will need a suitable container for growing radishes. Suitable containers include:

  • a wooden box or window box
  • a large plant pot, eg terracotta or plastic, if possible with 12" diameter or more
  • a trough or old dublin sink

It isn't often necessary to go out and buy a new container - just look around your garage, shed or garden and see what you can find! For a few weeks an old washing up bowl might be a good substitute :)

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Next you will need compost. A soil-less multipurpose compost is the best type to use. Cover the base of the container with old shards, pebbles or hydroponic material (moisture retaining), then fill the container almost to the top with compost.

Water thoroughly so that the potting compost is moist but not dripping wet.

Tip: If you are growing radish in containers early in the season, cover the container with a sheet of glass or clear plastic to keep the compost warm.

Sprinkle your radish seeds thinly on top of the compost, and cover with a thin layer of dry compost. Watering the container before adding the seeds, then covering with dry compost on top will trap the moisture below the surface and help prevent the growing radish from popping up covered in compost.

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Position the growing radish in a sunny or semi-shaded position where they get plenty of light. A balcony or patio would do fine, as would a sunny windowsill if growing radishes indoors. Remember that radishes are a cool season vegetable, so prefer dappled sunlight during the height of summer.

The radishes should germinate within 4-8 days and be fully matured within 3-6 weeks. Once germinated, water them as needed and look forward to a tasty crop of fresh radishes within a few weeks!

Recommended Varieties for Growing Radish in Containers

The best types of radish for container growing are the small, quick-maturing globular varieties - especially for children as they like to see fast results and you can almost watch these grow!

Jolly Speedy Seeds - the perfect starting point for the young gardener's first experience of growing radishes, with quick growth and a milder taste. Perfect for container growing as it matures within 3-6 weeks.

Sparkler 3 - while a little larger than both the above radish types, this variety is suitable for a larger pot or container, is especially suitable for growing under cloches (which also makes it suitable for growing indoors), and has won awards for taste!

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